Thursday, February 23, 2012

Free Movie Friday! The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

This week's free movie is the pure psychological horror classic "The Mothman Prophecies." There is no gore or big fight scenes in this one. But not everything needs to be blood and guts and sub-machine guns. Now does it?

"The Mothman Prophecies" happens to be the best, and most under-rated movie Richard Gere has ever done. It is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by John Keel. Keel went to Point Pleasant during the summer of 1966 and personally interviewed eye-witnesses of the Mothman. He even had some peculiar things happen to himself while he was there, such as the strange phone calls that happen in the movie. (That book is so scary; I couldn't even read it at night. )

"The Mothman Propheices" is full of shots that are strictly from the point of view of SOMETHING that swoops down to watch events unfold and then flies away at the end of the scene. Mothman is watching all of the characters as news reporter John Klein desperately tries to uncover the truth behind the strange and eerie sightings of the Mothman and the prophecies of Indrid Cold. It could be that Mothman is Indrid Cold, with his creepy inhuman smile and bone chilling voice, or not... I'll let you decide.

Fun Facts: 
The unnerving dread that slowly wraps its tendrils around you as you get into the movie is enhanced by the brilliant spooky ambiance music by Tomandandy.

Look for the pairs of red lights as you watch. (Mothman has glowing red eyes.) Other cleverly done visuals in this film are split mirror shots and hulking black humanoid figures/silhouettes that appear in the most interesting of places.

At the scene starting at 1:17:53 watch the full length mirror on the bathroom door as John Klien turns his head away. His mirror image doesn't move when he moves his head and looks behind him. Then when John slams the bathroom door shut at 1:18:09, if you pause at just the right second, you will see Mothman's face in the mirror. The first time I saw that, I actually dropped the remote. Cre-e-e-epy!

I dare you to watch it in the dark. Alone. By yourself.
Just be sure to close the blinds.
You never know when HE could be watching you through them.

You can watch "The Mothman Prophecies" for free here

Check out the trailer!

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