Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Preview of The Walking Dead Episode 208: Nebraska

Amctv.com just put up a new teaser preview of the next episode of  "The Walking Dead." Check it out!

Who are those two guys are that walk into the bar? And what are they going to do to Rick and Herschel? I don't know about you, but I can't wait to find out. Stupid mid-season hiatus...

On a brighter note, season three is going to have 16 episodes! That's three more than season two. I just hope they don't waste it and draw out a story line like they did with the search for poor undead Sophia.


  1. I keep getting told to check this show out since I'm a huge zombie fan. I don't know why but I have never had the urge to try to watch this.

  2. this is the best zombie...no wait...best show on tv right now i urge anyone who doesn't freak out over a little gore watch this show...from the beginning.Also the drama compelling. it is very well done and isn't corny in the least