Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Free Short Film: Resident Evil: First Hour Episode 3

After Philip was bitten by the dead farmer's wife, Leon administered first aid. He and Richard are trying to find a way out of the barn and back to their vehicle so that they can get Philip to a hospital. Before they can escape the farm, poor Philip succumbs to the T-Virus and turns into a raving (albeit a little goofy sounding) madman. Are Leon and Richard going to get out of this alive, or are they going to join the ranks of the undead?

Fun Facts:

  • In this episode, the live action fan film's director April Choi makes a cameo as the stray female zombie that manages to find her way into the barn. 
  • Watch the end closely, as you'll get your first glimpse of Umbrella Operatives as they approach the farm. 

Watch Episode 3 below!

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