Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free Short Film: Resident Evil: First Hour Episode 2 (Live Action Fan Film)

In the last episode of "Resident Evil: First Hour" we saw Leon Kennedy arrive for his first day on the police force in Raccoon City. He apparently went to the wrong building and walked in on a meeting that the chief was holding. A lot of the people in the force are out sick and they are short handed, so a co-worker (Philip) asks Leon to help investigate a report of domestic disturbance at a farm before he drops him off at the right building.

At the farm, Leon comes across a man in the barn that is eating a dead person. The guy doesn't look too good, and Leon soon learns that there is something quite sinister occurring on the outskirts of Raccoon City.

I love how they have picked the perfect songs to use as the soundtrack to this short film series. The intro music to episode 2 is from "Resident Evil Outbreak." The epic sounding track is called "The Resident Evil Outbreak-Staff Roll"; it's one of my favorites from the entire Resident Evil series. You can also hear songs from "Resident Evil 4" and "Resident Evil 2" (from the police station and the end boss fight).

Even with the acting being a little under-done, this Live Action fan film has managed to take the feel of playing the survival horror game-- complete with the mystery and terror --and boil it down into manageable bite-sized chunks that give you just enough to leave you craving for more.

The use of the camera angles from the game in the film, as well as the soundtrack reminds me of how good a movie can be when it is made by true fans of the series (just as the "Silent Hill" movie was). The ability to reproduce the game-play experience on-screen is a talent that should not be overlooked, as it is something that the entire "Resident Evil" movie series utterly failed to do, and to this day disappoints me immensely.

The zombies have just the right amount of creepiness to them to really make them appear to be the walking dead. If you look closely at the woman zombie when she attacks you'll see that the corner of her mouth has been ripped off. The make-up isn't overly complicated; with contacts (or CG- I can't tell at this point); minimal prosthetics; just enough blood to show that these staggering undead are dangerous and that whatever is making them zombies is infectious and spread by human saliva (hence the bites).

I really like what they've done with this short film series. The story line fits perfectly, incorporating events from the first "Resident Evil" game (the cannibal murders at the Spencer Estate is mentioned and is where the game takes place) and keeps the events from the beginning of "Resident Evil 2" in mind so that you can almost see how it all comes together.

In episode 2 of "Resident Evil: First Hour" Leon is about to be attack by the "cannibal" (which we all know is a zombie but they haven't figured it out yet). Richard (the chief) kills the "cannibal" and checks the guy's pulse to make sure that he is dead. He is startled when the guy gets back up and tries to bite him. Soon after, Phillip is attacked, and Leon finds himself in a dire situation that he might not get out of alive.

I can't wait to see what happens next!

Watch the second episode of "Resident Evil: First Hour" below!

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