Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Horror Movie: ThanksKilling (2009)

ThanksKilling. The best B-grade Thanksgiving themed horror film ever made!

If there was ever a day that you needed dark comedic relief from having to suffer through a meal with family members, it's Thanksgiving. Don't even get me started on Uncle Edgar's kidney pie, or the one year he brought a friend to eat for dinner...

ThanksKilling is about a killer turkey spirit, named Turkie, that rises from the grave to wreak havoc on the small town of Crawburg (get it, as in turkey craw?). This movie is insanely, stupid funny. It has every single turkey pun you could possibly ever think of in one movie. The foul-mouthed turkey puppet is hilarious. He curses like a sailor as he goes on a killing spree that you just have to see to believe.

ThanksKilling is a movie knows that it's bad and doesn't even try to pretend otherwise. The main characters are all pastiche caricatures of cliched stereotypes, and they are all so innocent and doey-eyed, you can't help but love them or laugh at them. Or love to laugh at them as they get pecked to death by the evil Turkie.

Check out the awesome theme song of ThanksKilling by Kajmir Royale.  I love the turkey gobbles when they pop up in the track!

Watch the trailer below.

After you have stuffed yourself and recovered slightly from your turkey coma this Thanksgiving, head on over  here and watch ThanksKilling for free. You have to sign up with Hulu, but it only takes a moment and you don't have to enter any personal payment method info, because it's totally FREE! And that's something to be thankful for.

A word of warning: ThanksKilling is rated R and has some nudity and extremely "fowl" language in it so it's not appropriate for the kiddies.

Visit the official ThanksKilling website here for extra goodies, like behind the scenes footage, contests and Turkie merchandise.

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