Friday, November 25, 2011

The Days God Slept

Jeremiah Kipp's new project is "The Days God Slept." It is described as a "cinematic prayer that deals with love and secrets;with faith and acceptance." Main character Kristy has a secret to tell John, that may cause him to leave her, or may strengthen their love for one another. "The Days God Slept" takes place in an "ethereal inner-city strip club" where Kristy and John learn that the hardest thing to accept is themselves.

Kipp is currently holding a fundraiser for this movie. I was so impressed with "Contact" and "Crestfallen" that I just had to do a post about this.

The Days God Slept - Teaser Trailer from Lauren Rayner on Vimeo.

Please help out in any way you can so that Mr. Kipp's newest independent film can get the funding it needs, $5,000, to start the first round of principal photography in New York City in the third week of December. A donation of just $10 will get you a personal invitation to the movie's screening.

To learn more about "The Days God Slept" and how you can help visit  Indie GoGo here

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