Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 Preview

AMC put up a sneak peak of episode 3 of "The Walking Dead" titled "Save the Last One."

In it, Daryl and Andrea are walking through the woods at night, searching for Sophia. Andrea asks him if he thinks that they are going to find her. He replies that she could be hiding just about anywhere. Georgia isn't that big of a place, and they could find her at anytime.

Daryl tells her about when was younger than Sophia and got lost in the woods. He is confident that Sophia will survive because she has people looking for her. He didn't. His father was off on a bender and his brother Merl was locked up in juvenile detention. Daryl fended for himself and finally managed to get back home on his own. He believes that if he could survive nine days lost in the woods by himself that Sophia can as well.

Watch the preview here

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